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Project mainly Transport Planning Overseas
◆Company Concept
We are consultants that research, analyze and give solutions to the various issues facing in districts, villages, towns, islands, regions, cities and industry groups. We also deal with issues such as overpopulation/depopulation, environment, traffic issues, industry vitalization and the creation of attractive living environment. Research, planning and development will be done in accordance with client needs and following our own concepts. Collaboration between various planners (from 20 years old to 70 years old, 40% are women) enables us to come up with flexible and new proposals.  

◆Company Name

Registered Construction Consultant by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism: Registered No.21-8191
Office of Registered Architects, Registered by the Governor of Tokyo: Registered No.36834

Main office

5th Floor NITTO Building, 126 Yaraichō, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Zip code:162-0805

Kumamoto office

4-12-6 Obiyama, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto, Japan

Zip code:862-0924 Tel: (+81)96-384-4567


Environment Planning  TEL(+81)3-5227-7802  FAX(+81)3-5227-7807

Urban Planning  TEL (+81)3-5227-7804  FAX (+81)3-5227-7807

Transport Planning  TEL (+81)3-5227-7804  FAX (+81)3-5227-7807

Administration  TEL (+81)3-5227-7806  FAX (+81)3-5227-7807




Founded in July 1977

Organized as a Company in May 1984


12 (Full time)

5 (Part time)


<Managing Director>

Katsumi Edamatsu

Graduated from Tokyo University Engineering Department, Architecture Course

Born in 1948

Registered first class architect

Masato Koto

Graduated from Shinshu University Engineering Department, Civil Engineering Course

Born in 1948

Registered Engineer

Graduated from Japan University Engineering Department, Traffic Engineering Course

Born in 1950

Registered Engineer


Mizuho Bank (Nakano-sakaue Branch)

Sugamo Shinkin Bank (Suidou Branch)